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Last updated 2:17 PM on 5 March 2012

Priority Schools Programs provide additional funding, staffing and consultancy services to identified schools. The schools identified for Priority Schools Programs are known as Priority Schools.  Priority Schools receive additional resources for literacy, numeracy and participation programs for students.

A new list of Priority Schools is identified every four years by a voluntary survey of families. The survey measures

  • type of parent/ caregiver occupation
  • parent/ caregiver educational qualifications
  • sole parent families
  • unemployment in families
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander families

The next survey of families will occur in the week starting 5 March 2012.



The parents/ carers of students in Years 7, 8 and 9 in the high school and the IEC will receive a short survey to complete.

The survey will arrive in a sealed envelope and will be returned in another sealed envelope before Friday 9 March.

The responses are confidential and are sent to a scanning company. No-one at the school can read the response of any family and no-one who opens the envelope at the scanning company knows which family it came from.

Translated materials will be available for families who do not read English.


More information will be available closer to survey week. Please feel free to contact the school with any questions or concerns.

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